About Us

Philippe Antonello was born in Geneva where he first studied art. After diverse professional experiences in Switzerland, France and England, he’s come to Italy and Rome, where he’s had the opportunity to work as a stage photographer with some known film directors such as Nanni Moretti, Silvio Soldini, Mel Gibson and Wes Anderson. In parallel, he has continued to develop art projects, exhibiting in several galleries.


Stefano C. Montesi was born in Rome, but started his photography career in Milan. Making mostly portraits at first, he has photographed many national and international film stars such us Sean Penn, Tom Cruise, Naomi Watts, Steven Spielberg and Jude Law. His 50×60 Polaroid have been exhibited at the Berlin and Venice International film festivals and his are several covers of magazines like Vanity Fair, A, Sight & Sound, Glamour, Io Donna.


They have participated to the making of films, tv series launches and communication campaigns for both national and international productions: 2011 was the year of Woody Allen’s feature “To Rome with Love” and Danis Tanovic’s short “Baggage”, in 2012 “Romeo and Juliet” by Carlo Carlei and “Every Blessed Day” by Paolo Virzì, followed in 2013 by Ridley Scott’s “The Vatican” and Sky’s Italian version of “In treatment”; book projects completed the launch of “Voices from the Stone” with Emilia Clarke and “The Young Messiah” (from Ann Rice’s book) in 2014, while the posters of HBO’s “The Young Pope” By Paolo Sorrentino, profited from a high-profile billboard campaign throughout many countries in 2016. In 2016 Paramount commissioned stills on the “Ben Hur” set and movie character poster of Morgan Freeman. In 2017/2018 collaborations were pursued with Netflix (“Master of None”, “Sense8”), FX Network (“Trust” Tv Serie by Danny Boyle) and Sky Italy (“Gomorrah” seasons 3, “1993”, “The Miracle”).


From 2010, Antonello & Montesi started collaborating on 3D photography projects such as: Six cover variations for the magazine “Sette” of Corriere della Sera on the occasion of the 67th Venice International Film Festival (2010) / the exhibit “GEND3ER”, Spoleto contemporary art museum (2010) / Contest finalists at the International Laguna Art Price, Venice (2011) / the “Ypsilon” project, Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto (2011) / the 3D book “Adonis in High Heels” depicting the Drag Queen scene in Rome (2011) / the exhibit in progress “The 3Dimensions of cinema” (actor’s portraits) for the 69th Venice International Film Festival (2012) / “Kinesis”, a dance photography project that spans between Italy and Switzerland (2013) / “One Another”, a dance photography project in Rome (2014) / “Equilibrii: one gaze, two eyes, 3Dimensions”, in collaboration with the Contemporary Dance Festival at the Auditorium of Rome (2015) / “Carmina Burana: la preuve par 3”, in collaboration with the ballet of the Geneva Opera House and Fête de la danse (2016) / “Encontrando” at the theater of Villa Torlonia, Rome (2017) / Collaboration with the “Swiss Dance Awards”, street shows in 28 cities of Switzerland (2018).